Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fresh Oysters

There are some great things about living where we do in France, one of them is the availability of great seafood.  A quick trip into our local town this morning and we came back with a dozen Cancale grade 1 oysters, (or rather 14 - a lovely bonus!), for the bargain price of €5.  Add some freshly baked sourdough bread from the boulangerie and some butter and you've got a perfect lunch for a sunny Sunday!

Friday, April 12, 2013

What's for dinner?

In addition to my collection of cookbooks, I have some vintage French menus.  Some of these are framed and are on the kitchen wall.  I love them.  They're all hand written and beautifully decorated and I find it really interesting to see what was being served all those years ago.

One I have is dated for today, 12th April, but in 1919 but sadly I don't know where the meal was eaten or what it was for.  It was not long after the end of the first World War so it's a pretty impressive menu.  I love the mystery surrounding it and I'm a little envious of the Spring vegetable soup - it was obviously a warmer Spring in 1919!

Here's my translation of it.  My apologies for any mistakes!

Potage Printanier, a spring vegetable soup

Soles La Vallière, sole, I guess cooked in the style of "La Vallière" (perhaps something favoured by Louise de La Vallière?)

Filet du Boeuf aux Morilles, fillet of beef with morels

Asperges Sauce Mousseline, asparagus with a hollandaise sauce

Poularde à la Lucullus.  A fattened hen, served with a garnish of truffles

This is followed by Glace Manon, Fruits and Desserts

It's certainly more elaborate than what we had for dinner!

Friday, April 5, 2013

My new Larder

So what have we been up to over these cold winter months?

One project was the creation of a larder.  We have a very French arrangement (not surprisingly I guess as we're in France) of a separate toilet next to our bathroom.  There's an extension on the back of the house which contains the kitchen, the 1980s beige bathroom and a separate toilet.  They're all North facing so very cold.  We plan to update the '80's beige that is our bathroom but that's another story for another day because it's dependent on installing a new bathroom upstairs. Anyway, it just seemed awkward and wrong having the toilet in a separate room so, not that long ago, Joe drilled through the bathroom/toilet wall, bashed out a chunk with a wrecking bar, removed the bidet from the bathroom and threw it out of the window then moved the toilet next door into the bathroom where it belongs.

The small "room" that was the toilet then had a good scrub down.  Some shelves were added and I made a light fitting out of one of my vide grenier bargains from the summer, inspired by the lights I saw in Roscoff.  I then painted the door with blackboard paint - great for a shopping list

It's wonderful to have the extra storage, especially as it stays so cool in there.  Much better than having a cold toilet!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Coming out of hibernation.

Hurrah - the clocks have changed and summer time is officially here.  It does feel as though I can come out of this kind of hibernation I've been in.  It's been a very slow winter most of which we seem to have had little or no web connection.  Couple that with the fact that we had to batten down the hatches for most of January to avoid big snow and rain, rain, rain and there really hasn't been a whole lot of blogging going on.  However, today the sun is shining, as it has for the last couple of days and so we ventured out to one of our favourite antique shops to have a browse and I came home with a new acquisition!

Three vintage storage tins for the kitchen.

I think they're fabulous and look great on the shelf next to the cooker looking after my stock cubes.